Terms & Conditions

Here below is our terms and condition which you must agree to and sign against before we ship your package.

Responsibility of Packaging:
It is the sender’s responsibility to ensure that all items are properly packed and secured.
Titan Impex llc. reserves the right to refuse service if items are not properly secured.

Responsibility of Payment:
This is a prepaid service payment must be made before items acceptance.

Limitations on our Liability:
Our liability for loss or damage to your shipment is limited to your actual damage or loss or $100.00, whichever is less, unless you declare a higher value, pay an additional charge ($20/=per every $100.00 declared) and document your actual loss in a timely manner.

Titan Impex will not be Liable Due to:
Omission, Improper marking, insufficient package securing, marking, or addressing.
-If any party violates the shipping agreement.
-Loss or damage to the ship by natural disaster or events out of our control including but not limited to nature,war,piracy, public enemies,act of public authority, among others.
-Packages must be collected within seven business days upon notification. A charge of $2.00 per day per item will be levied thereafter.

Restricted items:
Dangerous item arm, ammunition, petroleum products,illegal drugs,combustibles and hazardous products are prohibited.
We reserve the right to inspect your shipment.
We reserve the right to reject your shipment if we find any reasonable cause or without any condition.