Shipping Guidelines

Packing Boxes

Titan Impex suggest that you pack in Double Walled Boxes.
You can get double walled boxes from your local Storage Store Or Home depot.

We recommend the following sizes in inches:

Mark fragile goods FRAGILE
Goods which can spill or need to ship upright mark “THIS SIDE UP”
Make sure all boxes are fully stacked, Incase half full use fillers like paper or packing flakes.
Mark all you boxes clearly and shrink wrap if possible.

Books are heavy pack them in reasonable size boxes or mix them with lighter items.

If you can’t lift it,we probably can’t either.

Suitcases are OK but quite often the Zip breaks.

We don’t handle Furniture as loose cargo.

Crating will be required for sensitive equipment to avoid damage.
Such as medical equipment, printing press, Photocopiers, If you are not sure call and confirm.

Every package must be clearly marked.

We reserve the right to open and confirm content.
Titan Impex does not handle Dangerous Goods or illegal substances neither do handle arms or ammunition, illegal substances,Hazardous and combustible items.